Summer Care Bundle



Summer Hair was created to keep your thirsty Locs hydrated during the summer months. 

Sulfate-free this shampoo features a, ultra-hydrating blend of, yogurt, and oils that gently cleanses hair and replenishes moisture to dry, brittle strands.

When used with the Baobab + Yogurt Conditioner **, it helps to repair by reducing breakage up to 76%, leaving your hair feeling soft and more resilient from root to tip.

Baobab Light Oil Helps prevent breakage especially while hair is braided or twisted

This ultra-hydrating leave-in   features Figs & Chicory Root that help  restore your dry & brittle strands infusing hair with 8X** more moisture.

Perfect for prepping natural styles or transitioning hair with ease.


Included in bundle 
Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave - in  & Light oil spray.