My Philosophy


I know you’re feeling confused, unsure, and a lil’ nervous, because you don’t know what to expect.  I want you leave my salon feeling like you’ve learned so much about yourself - your hair, what you can embrace and what you can expect in the future and how to deal with it. I’m that stylist that is truly concerned and will question you about yourday-to-day routine. It sounds a bit aggressive, but it’s so that I can get a better understanding of what you deal with day-to-day. So I can make a regimen that’s best for you. 

In terms of hair cutting, designing a cut that will be ideal for your facial shape and day-to-day routine as well. When it comes to styling, the most amazing thing for both myself and you is for you to come in like, “my hair can’t do that, my hair can’t do that!” and for me to prove you wrong and say “watch yes it can do that” and watch the expression on your face…sheer happiness!



Texture| Versatile| Beautiful

My passion for the art and craft of hairstyling goes beyond the simple desire to earn a living. It is an extension of the love I have for beauty and fashion, architecture and design, people and nature.

The energy behind ns products is a professional product line based on positive chemistry, integrity and good business practices like quality ingredients.

I strive to make people more beautiful and what a joy that is bringing beauty health and wellness to all the people I serve.

Hairdressing is a noble profession enriched by a strong tradition of skilled craftsmanship and carefully nurtured alliances. Experience the difference. I am Natasha Somalia the stylist, the brand, the products, the salons

Devoted to Building and Redefining the concept of haircare products

High quality for every texture of hair

Natural, relaxed, curly, damaged and healthy




At COVERED the salon I offer a complete range of innovative treatments, products and services.

For every woman no matter the TEXTURE of her hair providing total beauty and creating a unique portrait of style for each individual guest.

Located in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia 

join me and escape the rush.